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Routine EEG system BE Plus PRO

BE Plus PRO: a comprehensive family of high-quality amplifiers to cover all lab requirements.

Body: the BE Plus Pro Family of amplifiers offers a solution for every need. Available in 4 versions:

  • Light for 10-20 routine EEG including 4 bipolar channels for ECG, EMG, EOG… you name it!
  • Standard with additional monopolar and bipolar inputs (44 channels in total)
  • Full with 34 monopolar and 6 bipolar channels (48 channels in total)
  • Advanced, our most complete version with a total count of 58 channels.

Each version fits in a well-designed, compact sized amplifier. You can also choose your connectivity: USB for portable solutions, LAN for fixed units, Wifi and battery-powered recorder for a maximum of freedom. Most applications found in the Neurophysiology lab can be covered by one or the other amplifier from the BE Plus PRO family:

  • Clinical EEG/Video EEG
  • Cerebral Death Assessment and EEG in ICU
  • LTM and cEEG
  • aEEG/CFM
  • PSG and Video PSG
  • Evoked Potentials
  • Event Related Potentials and Cognitive Studies
  • Research Studies

The high specifications of the BE Plus PRO amplifiers (32kHz sampling rate, 24bits A/D converter) and the modern Galileo.NET Software allow you optimal recording quality, for an affordable price. Please contact us for a demonstration of your favorite BE Plus PRO configuration!

Service and Guarantee – Are you looking for reliability?
Benefit from 5 years warranty and maintenance on your BE Plus Pro systems!