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Medoc Accessories

Medoc accessories pain sensitivity threshold thermodes scale hand vibratory stim

Expand your systems' capabilities with a number of options and accessories:

  • VSA-3000 Vibratory Sensory Analyzer including hand and leg support
  • Hand-held VSA for body parts other than fingers and toes
  • Digital Thermal Calibration Kits (TSA-II, CHEPS or ATS)
  • CoVAS : computerized visual analog scale, for continuous, real-time VAS evaluation (requires TPS Software)
  • Thermal Pain Stimulator (TPS) Software
  • Standard (30x30mm), Small (16x16mm) and Mini (5x5mm) Thermodes
  • MRI-compatible thermodes for CHEPS (Ø27mm) or ATS (30x30mm or 16x16mm)
  • PATHWAY Parallel Control to manage test methods & protocols using external 8-bit interface commands
  • -10°C Option for PATHWAY model ATS