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Out of Center Sleep Testing

MPR (Multi Parameter Recording) for Level IV sleep tests. MPR-PG (polygraphy) for Level III, II and Level I full PSG (polysomnography) with the different proxies.

Embletta® MPR and MPR-PG : modularity by Embla®
Trex HD and Trex HD Monitoring Systems

The Embletta® family of Multi Parameter Recorders (MPR) allows you to scale your equipment to your growing sleep diagnostic activity:

EEG/PSG ambulatoire Xltek

Trex HD and Trex HD Monitoring Systems
Reliable monitoring for physicians, freedom and flexibility for patients.
Reliable, simple workflow for the patient home environment.

MPR-PG (Multi Parameter Recording- Polygraphy) for Level III to level I sleep tests. Screen and diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) and other sleep disorders (differentiate central and obstructive apneas, hypopnea, cardiac-, neurologic- and respiratory-related sleep disorders, optimize your PAP (Positive-Airway-Pressure) therapy).

Embletta® MPR-PG: a scalable solution ranging from simple polygraphy to complete polysomnography.