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TCDx - Holter for Transcranial Doppler

TDCx: holter for transcranial doppler - monitoring of asymptomatic carotis stenosis with emboli detection and robotic probe

The first holter for transcranial doppler.

This holter for transcranial doppler (TCD) will change a lot of things:

  • Increase your chance to detect an embolization process by monitoring your patient over several hours.
  • Monitor your patients under naturalistic conditions, since they do not need to be laying on a bed. They can move, talk, eat, even do sport thanks to a light, comfortable fixation.
  • The robotic probe helps you find the best TCD signal and tracks it automatically during the whole recording. You save time at installation and are assured of a constant spectrum quality over time.
  • The emboli detection algorithm programmed by TCD pioneer Rune Aaslid selects for you in minutes the relevant signals to review.