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Natus Accessories

Natus Accessories EMG NCS EP EEG DCN concentric needle electrode cup gel cable

The Natus selection of accessories is designed to suit your clinical setting and specific applications.

Offering maximum utility and procedural simplicity, our accessories enable you to gather data with confidence and careful consideration for patient safety and comfort. The Natus range of neurodiagnostic accessories includes:

Needle EMG Electrodes

  • DCN™ Disposable Concentric
  • DMN™ Disposable Monopolar
  • Bo-ject® Disposable Hypodermic
  • Single Fiber Needle


Electrodes for NCS

  • Disposable Sensory Needles
  • Disposable Surface
  • Digital Ring & Velcro
  • HUSH® Bar & Disc
  • Active Handle Stimulation
  • Hand-held Stimulation
  • Ground Electrodes


Electrodes for EP/EEG

  • Disposable Scalp Needle
  • Autoclaveable Scalp Needle
  • Light Weight Ag/Au Cup
  • Tin Cup Electrodes
  • Ear Clips Electrode, ECG Clips


Caps for EEG

  • EEG Cap with Monopode Electrodes
  • Pre-wired Head Cap
  • Head Cap for MRI


Cables & Miscellaneous Supplies

  • EMG Cables
  • Interconnection & Adaptors
  • NuPrep, Ten20, Gel and Tapes



  • Nasal/oral cannula
  • thermistor
  • Respiratory effort belts - inductance or piezo -  for abdomen and thorax
  • Snoring sensors - microphones or piezo
  • Pulse oximeter
  • Position sensor
  • EMG electrodes
  • cables