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EEG Systems

Neurolite offers you a selection of the best systems available for routine EEG, video EEG, epilepsy long term monitoring (LTM), brain function monitoring for the intensive care unit (ICU), sleep diagnostics and ambulatory recordings from leading brands like Natus and EBNeuro.

Value and design for high-quality routine EEG.

BE Plus LTM wireless (Wifi), battery-powered system for Video LTM and EEG with a maximum of movement freedom and high technical specifications.

BE Plus LTM is a versatile system offering powerful capabilities in LTM (Long Term epilepsy Monitoring): high number of channels, Wifi connectivity, on board memory…

BE Micro: ambulatory EEG and PSG recorder. Small, light-weighted, comfortable. For home or lab-recordings.

BE Micro: the smallest ambulatory EEG recorder on the market. Small, light-weighted, comfortable. For home or laboratory, EEG or PSG recordings.

Schwarzer Deltamed Coherence Software QEEG LTM PSG Sleep MSLT Wavelets review

Coherence Software: quick and simple functions for easy recording, and powerful tools for high-standard analysis.

Wireless EEG device for Basic research, Brain Computer Interface, Medical applications, Neurofeedback training

Enobio is a wireless EEG device for Basic research, BCI, Medical applications, Neurofeedback...

Natus Accessories EMG NCS EP EEG DCN concentric needle electrode cup gel cable

The Natus selection of accessories is designed to suit your clinical setting and specific applications.