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Dantec Keypoint Focus

Dantec Keypoint Focus portable EMG System NCS Evoked potentials Single fiber RNS

The all-new Dantec™ Keypoint® Focus EMG system is based on nearly 50 years of experience in EMG system design.

Dantec™ Keypoint® Focus is the next generation EMG system - delivering the quality and results you expect, at an economical price. Its new compact design and intuitive, powerful functionality make the Dantec™ Keypoint® Focus EMG system ideal for space conscious professionals in hospitals and private offices.

  • 3, 4 and 6 channel options
  • Increased performance of amplifiers and stimulators
  • Latest-generation Keypoint.NET software for
    • standard or quantified electromyography (EMG/QEMG) (Multi-motor unit potentials analysis (Multi-MUPs), Willison analysis (Turn/Amplitude)),
    • conduction velocities (motor, sensory and F waves),
    • reflexes (H-reflex, blink reflex, bulbocavernous reflex),
    • autonomic nervous system studies (R-R interval, sympathetic skin reflex),
    • evoked potentials (auditory, visual, somatosensory, motor),
    • tremor analysis,
    • myasthenia (single-fiber EMG, repetitive stimulation)
    • routine or research protocols with connection to external devices
  • Microsoft Windows® 10
  • All-in-One EMG system with dedicated controls, integrated stimulators and high quality audio
  • Protocol-based testing
  • Broad range of powerful analysis tools
  • Automatic comparison with normative data
  • The only system available with a complete MUP normative database
  • Fast, automatic report generation
  • Select the configuration that works for you - portable notebook systems to fully featured workstations
  • Purchase only the applications you need
  • Completely control all measurements, data tables/calculations and displays
  • Create professional customized reports