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DWL® Accessories

DWL TCD Accessories Probes Monitoring Emboli detection differentiation

DWL® offers the complete range of accessories needed in Neurosonology:

  • 1MHz, 2MHz, 4MHz and 8MHz handheld probes
  • 16MHz surgical probes (available in 4 different diameters)
  • 2MHz monitoring-probes (Click&Stay or Screw-topped)
  • a large choice of fixations for monitoring (Diamon® Helmet, LAM-Racks for surgery, adhesive rings...)
  • a new ergonomic tool for a safe and comfortable positioning of your surgery probe: the probe navigator


DWL Probe navigator neurosurgery vascular doppler 16MHz

The probe navigator is designed for the safe insertion and navigation of the 16 MHz probes.