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U-Lite Pro

Neurosonography, nerve and Muscle sonography, guidance for Toxin injections under ultrasound

U-Lite Pro, high-resolution neurosonography made easy.

A new level of ergonomics and mobility!

The U-Lite PRO builds on the advantages of its predecessor model and offers even higher image quality, an increased recording frequency and a longer autonomy, among other things.

This handy, robust, high-level ultrasound device offers you an intuitive user interface. With its 7-inch multi-touch HD screen and a weight of only 600 grams, it can be taken anywhere.

Switch it on and in just 10 seconds you are ready to scan!

The U-Lite can run on battery or mains power and communicate with your image archiving system via WiFi or cable.


For neurosonography, the U-Lite offers a choice of 3 different transducers:

- PR52 Linear array, 5 cm width, 256 elements, 6-18 MHz

- PR51 Linear array, 4 cm width, 192 elements, 10-18 MHz

- and exclusive to this device class: the PR60 Hockey stick, 2.5 cm, 128 elements, 10-18 MHz

Attached to your ENMG-device as a perfect imaging complement to electrophysiology, the U-LITE PRO will enrich your diagnostics.

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