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Pain Diagnostic

Medoc sensory analyzers are recognized worldwide as the gold-standard for assessing pain and thermal pathways.

Indications range from fibromyalgia to small fiber neuropathy, cerebral lesions, complex regional pain syndromes (CRPS), spinal cord lesions and radiculopathies.

In our prodcut portfolio you will find several systems to suit your needs:

  • TSA 2 NeuroSensory Analyzer,
  • TSA 2 Air for portable air-cooled quantitative sensory testing,
  • Q-Sense for easy small fiber testing,
  • Algomed Computerized Pressure Algometer,
  • and various accessories to extend your system's capabilities.

Choose among the world renowned Medoc systems the one fitting the best your requirements.

TSA 2 Air is the latest product designed by Medoc that allows to perform all quantitative sensory testing modalities with a portable and air-cooled device.

Medoc TSA 2 measure pain sensitivity threshold warm cold vibratory stimulations

The TSA 2 NeuroSensory Analyzer is a precise, computer-controlled device capable of generating and documenting response to highly repeatable thermal and vibratory stimuli, such as...

Medoc Q-Sense easily measures pain and sensitivity thresholds for warm and cold

Q-Sense is a portable, easy-to-use and affordable system for the clinic.

Medoc AlgoMed measures pain threshold in tender tissue by pressure; fibromyalgia

Algometers are designed to quantify and document levels of tenderness via pressure threshold measurement and pain sensitivity via pain tolerance measurement...

Medoc accessories pain sensitivity threshold thermodes scale hand vibratory stim

Expand your systems' capabilities with a number of options and accessories...