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Long Term Monitoring with BE Plus LTM

BE Plus LTM wireless (Wifi), battery-powered system for Video LTM and EEG with a maximum of movement freedom and high technical specifications.

BE Plus LTM: Wireless recordings up to 272 channels.

For an optimal result in the epilepsy monitoring unit, you need a reliable recorder that do not compromise on signal quality and patient comfort. The BE Plus LTM system has been designed specifically with this in mind:

  • High technical specifications ensuring optimal signal quality (low noise, high sensitivity for a large dynamic, high CMRR)
  • Wifi, compact-sized, battery powered amplifier (using rechargeable batteries), with data backup on internal memory for patient freedom and comfort
  • Flexible mounting, from 68 to 272 channels
  • Cortical mapping with a dedicated DSM (Digital Switch Matrix) box

The Galileo.NET software provides together with the BE Plus LTM amplifier powerful tools for data analysis:

  • Spectral Analysis
  • Automatic Spike and Seizure Detection
  • Trends
  • aEEG (CFM)
  • Burst Suppression
  • Mapping
  • Back Averaging
  • Integration of renowned third-party tools like Persyst, BESA, E-Prime, Encevis EpiScan and EpiSpike, Holberg EEG…

The software grants also a complete HIS/HL7 compatibility for data sharing.