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EMG-EP systems

Dantec Keypoint & Keypoint Focus for EMG EP NCS HRV RNS Single Fibre EMG Reflex

From the usual Carpal Tunnel examinations to the most advanced Quantitative EMG investigations, from 1 channel AEP to 8 channels SEP, the Keypoint® from Dantec™ offers best-quality amplifiers, world-renowned signal detection algorithms and efficient modern software.

Try it and discover why the Keypoint® from Dantec™ has become over the last few years the Number 1 EMG/NCS/EP System in Europe.

Dantec Keypoint G4 EMG System NCS EP Evoked Potentials Single fiber RNS

Dantec™ Keypoint® G4 - Advanced EMG/NCS/EP workstation with an ergonomic edge.

Dantec Keypoint Focus portable EMG System NCS Evoked potentials Single fiber RNS

The all-new Dantec™ Keypoint® Focus EMG system is based on nearly 50 years of experience in EMG system design.

Keypoint.NET software for EMG EP NCS RNS HRV SSR Blink reflex Tremor analysis

A flexible and intuitive software based on nearly 50 years experience in Neurophysiology. Read some of its key advantages in "Why Choose Dantec™ Keypoint®?"

Dantec Clavis system for EMG-guided botulinum toxin injections

The Clavis™ device is designed to provide the functionality of EMG recording and stimulation, with the mobility and simplicity a "PDA-size" device can deliver.

Natus accessories for EEG EMG EP cables electrodes needles neurophysiology


The wide selection of accessories is designed to suit your clinical setting and specific applications.