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MagPro R20 Family

The easiest way to transcranial or peripheral magnetic stimulation

The easiest way to transcranial or peripheral magnetic stimulation

The MagPro R20 stimulator represents the best solution to initiate a practice while keeping costs low. Its compact shape and its simple interface make it a perfect companion for the clinical practice.
Depending on the needs, the solution setup may consist of only a stimulator and coil. However, the R20 comes in three different solutions (R20, R20+ and R20+ Express solution)  and each with different features.


MagPro R20

The easy way to diagnostic (MEP) and standard therapy protocols.
Versatile solution for rTMS up to 20 pps (pulse per second) and for assessing diagnosis and monitoring of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, based on the use of Motor Evoked Potential (MEP). The R20 connects to most EMG systems.


MagPro R20+

The easy way to Peripheral Magnectic Stimulation.
The R20+ is pulsewidth optimized for higher frequency, u to 100 pps (pulse per second). This allows for a close resemblance of the dynamics of the nervous system; thus, adding even more possibilities within diagnostics and monitoring in neurorehabilitation. The hardware of the R20+ allows for even more aggressive provocation of the neuro-muscular and the neuro-sensory systems, thereby enabling a deeper and more realistic functional activation. Standard rTMS protocols for depression and neuropathic pain therapy can be done as well.


MagPro R20+ Express

The easy way to depression therapy.
The R20+ Express solution has the same features as the R20+ but with the addition of a Theta Burst Stimulation (TBS) solution and a Wi-Fi package. It allows running 3-minute depression therapy sessions which is the fastest TMS depression therapy currently available and is known as theta burst, or Express TMS®

With the Wi-Fi package, it is easy to create a protocol on your computer, upload it to the stimulator and subsequently print log files of performed protocol.