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Embletta® MPR-PG

MPR-PG (Multi Parameter Recording- Polygraphy) for Level III to level I sleep tests. Screen and diagnose Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) and other sleep disorders (differentiate central and obstructive apneas, hypopnea, cardiac-, neurologic- and respiratory-related sleep disorders, optimize your PAP (Positive-Airway-Pressure) therapy).

Embletta® MPR-PG: from simple polygraphy to complete polysomnography

The Embletta® MPR-PG (Multi Parameter Recorder - Polygraphy) is certainly the most advanced sleep test device available in such a small size:

  • Robust design
  • High specifications for high-quality recordings
  • LCD screen for patient set-up, signal quality check and viewing traces
  • Automatic or scheduled start/stop
  • Modular, you can choose the appropriate proxy to perform your different sleep studies:
    • MPR-PG with RIP technology XactTrace™ belts for level III studies (polygraphy); just add the appropriate proxy to turn your device into a level II or even a level I full PSG (polysomnography) system
    • MPR-PG plus ST Proxy for level II polysomnography recordings
    • MPR-PG plus ST+ Proxy for level I full polysomnography recordings
  • Records up to 3 x 8 hours nights with off the shelf AA batteries
  • Benefit of the industry leading and AASM* compliant Embla® RemLogic™ Software
  • Interfaces with Embla® sensors for optimal recordings


*AASM 2.0 (American Academy of Sleep Medicine)