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Accessories for our NIRS systems

Holders, Fibers and other accessories for Near Infrared Spectroscopy from Artinis.

Holders, fibers and all you need for your NIRS-experiments.

Holders, fibers and all you need for your NIRS-experiments with Artinis systems:

  • Holders : endless possibilities of sizes and shapes
  • Fibers: variety of lengths, with straight or angled endings, fMRI and TMS-compatible
  • PortaSync: wireless event synchronization device with 2 event buttons, trigger in/out and analog input connectivity
  • AD Boxes for the connection of external devices 
    • Analog input box with 16 ports (compatible with all Artinis NIRS-devices)
    • Analog output box with 16 ports (compatible with OxyMon)
  • AD board for Oxymon, collecting up to 8 channels of physiological signals
  • E-Prime® cable to synchronize NIRS with stimuli from E-Prime®
  • Customization on demand