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BEL EEG System One – the new high resolution and reproducibility EEG

BEL EEG System One – the new high resolution and reproducibility EEG

The BEL EEG System One is the foundation of the Geodesic EEG Ecosystem – an environment built for human neurophysiology research. It includes: the Geodesic Head Web for dense array electrode acquisition, the miniaturized and portable BEL Amp One, the BEL View software for elegant data visualization and the open-source software FLOW, for data review and analysis, with integral file storage and management.

Geodesic Head Web

  • Number of channels: 40, 130 or 280
  • Sizes: Small (54 - 57cm); Large (57 - 60cm); future sizes in Child and Infants
  • Noise: < 1.3 uV RMS
  • Impedance: < 1 Kohms in electrolyte and typically 50 Kohms on scalp at 20 Hz


BEL Amp One

  • Power supply: Wall power and battery power
  • Battery life: 4 hours of EEG recording
  • Input noise: < 6 uV peak-to-peak at 10 Kohms
  • Amplifier Native Sampling Rate: 8,000 s/s
  • Sampling rate: 250, 500, 1000 s/s
  • Gain: 10


BEL View software

  • EEG acquisition and review software



  • Structured data science platform
  • Scripting, linking technology, and Docker containers support analytic worfklows
  • Machine learning
  • Integrating user scripts and workflows from the open source community (MNE, EEGLAB, Fieldtrip). Includes Jupyter notebooks integration.
  • Remote data access
  • Source estimation software