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StarStim 32

StarStim 32 channels neurostimulator with EEG for research studies

Starstim 32 is the ideal multi-channel neurostimulator for research studies that required the combination of tDCS, tACS, or tRNS with simultaneous EEG. Starstim 32 is perfect for closed loop stimulation experiments derived from EEG measurements. The Starstim system allows multiple electrode montages that can be arranged to target specific brain networks with multi-focal targets. In addition, when coupled with Stimweaver-P (stimulation optimization service), Starstim offers a personalized service that allows one individual brain to be segmented and the stimulation target to be iteratively adjusted. 

The design of Starstim 32 represents a whole new concept. The headset has been totally redesigned to revolutionize the way to interact with the human brain. The new neoprene cap and its lacing system offer more comfort and precision to the system. The system can be adjustable to different head sizes, and the design is compatible with standard headphones. Furthermore, the Neuroelectrics software interface has been completely redesigned, too. The NIC software offers a bright interface with many tools that can be easily arranged according to the preferences of the operator. The Data transmission can be wireless (Wi-Fi network) or wired (USB cable)