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Flow Neuroscience

Flow Neuroscience Switzerland - Neurolite tDCS - Depression treatment for home use

Addressing the many sides of depression, the Flow treatment consists of a brain stimulation headset that targets the physical root-cause of depression and a behavioural therapy app to address psychological and environmental factors.
The tDCS headset and Flow's behavioral therapy app work together to deliver comparable results to medication, but without the side effects. Of course, tDCS can also be used to augment an antidepressant treatment.

Flow uses a verified treatment schedule based on a decade of tDCS research.
The protocol is split into two phases. Each with a different purpose and schedule:

  • It begins with an “Activation phase“, with 5 sessions per week of Flow during the first 3 weeks.
  • From the 4th week, the app reduces the treatment to 2 sessions per week and you are in the "Strengthening phase". Here, the effect of the treatment is further reinforced and the goals already achieved are maintained.

However, you as a doctor have the possibility to change the protocol individually for each of your patients through a portal, allowing you to provide each of your patients with the optimal treatment.


The treatment provided by Flow Neuroscience is CE certified.