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Natus SleepWorks Amplifiers

Embla SDx and Embla NDx

Standard sleep testing with Embla SDx
Advanced sleep monitoring with Embla NDx

Natus SleepWorks Amplifiers
Cutting-edge hardware that brings together long standing reliability and advanced technology.


Natus Base Unit Features

  • Touchscreen display for real time interaction with ongoing studies
  • Visual impedance checking and adding notes
  • Perform bio-calibrations while in the patient room
  • Universally compatible with several Natus EEG/PSG amplifier breakouts


Breakout Box Features

  • Small, rugged and lightweight
  • Powered sensor inputs
  • Integrated pressure sensor and pulse oximeter
  • Up to 103 channels


More information on the technical data can be found here.
Embla SDx
Embla NDx