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Small animals experiments

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) special coil for rodents (rats) for brain research, behaviour, metabolism and studies on the effect of pharmaceuticals on nerve cells, on connectivity…

The first and only TMS coil for small animal studies.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a powerful instrument to study the brain in vivo in healthy and pathological conditions. Fundamental research on connectivity, behavior, metabolism, reaction to pharmacological treatments (...) could greatly benefit from experiments on animal models. Furthermore TMS being non-invasive, it is a non-traumatic procedure for animals.
However, so far, a main challenge has been the relative big size of TMS coils, that made it impossible to focus the magnetic field on a specific target in a rat brain for instance, without stimulating at once the whole body... This challenge has been recently solved by a cooperation of our development team with leading researchers that led to the design of the Cool-40 Rat coil:

  • Small size adapted to rodents
  • Focused magnetic field
  • High performance cooling system
  • Compatible with all MagPro systems*
  • Can be used in combination with PET and SPECT**


*needs software v.7 or higher - contact us for details and upgrade of your current system.

**The Cool-40 Rat coil can be used inside a PET or SPECT imaging scanner with a minimum ø120mm bore.