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Vascular Diagnostic

Vascular diagnostic : angiology systems for functional vascular diagnostic with doppler, PPG, blood pressure and PVR measurements for the diagnostic of peripheral vascular diseases

Viasonix: modern angiology systems.


Viasonix systems for vascular diagnostic are the state of the art in terms of technology and usability. Based on a long experience in the conception of doppler and blood pressure measurement devices for demanding  clinics, it integrates all essential functionalities in the most user-friendly interface and marries robust hardware and efficient software in an elegant design. 
Viasonix systems ensure a rapid workflow,  with protocols adjusted to your procedures, and integrate seamlessly in your network. Whatever your needs are, you will find them met by one of our Falcons:
Falcon Pro : Angiology system for advanced functional vascular investigations with blood pressure, PVR, doppler, PPG for the diagnostic of peripheral arterial diseases.

Falcon Pro: the high-end angiology lab.

Falcon Quad: functional vascular diagnostic system for the angiologist. Venous and arterial pressure measurements. PVR, PPG, Doppler, for the diagnostic of peripheral vascular diseases (PVD), Raynaud's syndrome, ...

Falcon Quad: Blood Pressure measurements, Doppler and Plethysmography capabilities at your finger tip: already more than most systems can offer.

Falcon ABI+: functional vascular diagnostic for the angiologist. Doppler and PPG blood pressure measurements, PVR, etc. for the diagnostic of peripheral vascular diseases (PVD), Raynaud's Syndrome,...

Falcon ABI+: the affordable way to cover everyday requirements.

Viasonix Sensors for Falcon. PPG, Doppler probes, pressure cuffs...

Viasonix' sensors for Falcon have been selected and designed according to the highest standards of reliability and signal quality: