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EEG/PSG ambulatoire Xltek

EEG/PSG ambulatoire Xltek

Patient Comfort, Value, Performance & Flexibility

Trex HD and Trex HD Monitoring Systems
Reliable monitoring for physicians, freedom and flexibility for patients.
Reliable, simple workflow for the patient home environment.

The Trex HD amplifier is among the lightest in the industry, weighing 300 gramm. It integrates seamlessly with Natus NeuroWorks®/SleepWorks™ software to provide fully synchronized EEG and video data. It is easy to set up in a patient’s home, requiring no cabling and no need for the patient to interact with the software. It's capable of recording up to 96 hours of video and audio data. This provides you with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of home ambulatory monitoring complemented with high quality video playback.


Your advantages

  • Up to 96 hours of HD video, wirelessly synchronized with EEG
  • No cables or computer to set up at home – avoid costly patient home visits
  • Lightest ambulatory amplifier in the industry
  • Perfect for both EEG and full featured sleep studies


Amplifier features

  • Compact (4 x 6 x 1 in) and lightweight (300 gramm)
  • Ultra low noise with superb signal quality
  • Ample referential, differential and DC channels for all your needs
  • Integrated Oximetry channels
  • Wireless synchronization with HD video
  • Fast upload of ambulatory data allowing quick turnaround
  • Battery indicator LEDs
  • 72 hour battery life (with optional power pack)
  • Synchronized patient event marker


System features

  • Desktop or laptop-based acquisition stations
  • Microsoft SQL® Server database enabling quick and efficient data retrieval
  • Integrated Spike & Event detection and trending for efficient data review
  • Capable of running EEG and PSG tethered or untethered studies
  • Synchronized HD video recording and playback
  • Simple annotation entry
  • Easy archiving to a network device or any type of recordable media
  •  Photic stimulation integrated within software