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TSA-II - Quantitative NeuroSensory Analyzer

Medoc TSA-II measure pain sensitivity threshold warm cold vibratory stimulations

TSA-II : the gold-standard in Quantitative Sensory Testing.

The TSA-II NeuroSensory Analyzer is a precise, computer-controlled device capable of generating and documenting response to highly repeatable thermal and vibratory stimuli, such as warmth, cold, heat-induced pain, cold-induced pain or vibration. The TSA-II delivers quantitative assessment of small-caliber (A-Delta and C-fiber) sensory nerve function, as well as for large caliber A-Beta fibers.

The TSA-II is also used for identifying thermal pain thresholds in various clinical and research applications.

TSA-II main features:

  • Automated color graphic reports
  • Automatic comparison of test results to normative reference data
  • Portable, fast set-up and ease of use
  • Versatile Windows® based software with selection of test paradigms for maximum flexibility in clinical, research and drug trial applications.
  • Various test methods (Limits, Levels and Manual)
  • Factory installed default protocols for immediate clinical use
  • Proven Repeatability