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PATHWAY - Pain and sensory evaluation system

Medoc PATHWAY pain sensitivity threshold warm cold stimulations small nerves

PATHWAY: the most advanced system for pain and sensory evaluation.


The PATHWAY System is a mobile, configurable platform that can be used for pain and peripheral nerve disease research, pharmaceutical development and clinical applications. PATHWAY systems are available in three versions : PATHWAY Model CHEPS , PATHWAY Model ATS and PATHWAY combined CHEPS/ATS.   Functionalities common to all PATHWAY models:

  • Quantitative sensory testing (QST)

    • determination of cold and heat sensation and pain thresholds
    • temporal summation (Windup) through rapid oscillation control
    • psychophysical testing for heating and cooling
    • evaluation of patient's subjective response (via push button or computerized visual analogue scale - CoVAS)
    • automatic comparison of test results to normative reference data
  • mobile trolley
  • Analog output and TTL input and output for connection to external systems (EEG, MRI, controlling computer...)

  Functionalities available exclusively on PATHWAY model CHEPS (Contact Heat- Evoked Potential Stimulator):

  • Contact Heat Evoked Potentials:  objective and selective stimulation  of A-delta & C-fiber to record evoked pain potential on an external EEG/EP system.
  • Cold Evoked Potentials
  • optional MRI-compatible CHEPS thermodes 

  Functionalities available exclusively on PATHWAY model ATS (Advanced Thermal Stimulator):

  • Quantitative sensory testing (QST)
  • Extreme cold pain stimulation (Down to minus 10ºC)
  • optional MRI-compatible ATS thermodes 

  PATHWAY combined CHEPS/ATS gathers all these functionalities in a single system.