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MagPro R20

MagPro R20: small magnetic stimulator for MEPs (motor evoked potentials) and rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) for therapeutic research (depression, post-stroke neurorehabilitation, pain, migraines, tinnitus…)

the easiest way to rTMS.

The new MagPro R20 magnetic stimulator represents the best solution to initiate your rTMS practice while keeping costs low. Its compact shape and its simple interface make it a perfect companion for the clinical practice.

  • Stimulation frequency up to 20 pps (pulses per second).
  • Integrated computer for sequence control, incorporating safety limits according to the international guidelines.
  • Easy to use with function keys and simple user interface
  • Connects to most EMG systems
  • Stimulation reports for a comprehensive session documentation.