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Coherence Software

Schwarzer Deltamed Coherence Software QEEG LTM PSG Sleep MSLT Wavelets review

Coherence Software: quick and simple functions for easy recording, powerful tools for high-standard analysis.

Intuitive, easy to use and flexible to configure, Coherence Software (German: Neurofile Software) gives you the proper tools for trouble-free recordings and time-saving analysis:

  • Clear icons guide you through the operation procedure
  • Insert in one touch freely configurable event markers
  • Look back to previous pages during the recording,  change/remove markers
  • First-class synchronous Video and video control tools: control over IP, zoom, resize, cut, save…
  • EG-specific database displays clearly all relevant information
  • Review EEG quickly with scrolling or paging
  • Easily create and switch between montages
  • Quick measurement of frequencies and amplitudes
  • Easy integration of additional recording- or review stations
  • Customizable, informative reports in Microsoft® Word or Excel
  • Free EEG viewer
  • Easily create Video-EEG clips for your presentations
  • Online and offline analysis functions: Trend window with DSA, FFT, band power or other type of graphs… Simply click on the interesting part of the graph to display the relevant EEG data. Spike & Seizure detection, Quantitative EEG, Sleep analysis, frequency and amplitude mapping, wavelets, back-averaging and EPs.
  • Fast export of important EEG/VIDEO data to server. The Export slideshow provides a clear overview of these parts, very appreciated during clinical meetings.
  • Unique overview of recorded data of several days/weeks from the Coherence “file viewer”.
  • Simply click on the section of interest to access the corresponding EEG data.
  • Solutions for research purposes: export to EDF/ASCII/binary, direct access through DLL, direct interface with 3rd part software for source and dipole analysis.
  • Archiving of data to removable media or server
  • HL7 connectivity