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Mind Motion Pro

MindMotionPRO is an easy to use and mobile rehabilitation system, incorporating immersive virtual reality

Mind Motion Pro, a mobile rehabilitation system

A CE Marked hospital-based solution for early motor rehabilitation that lets you increase the rehabilitation dose cost effectively. Simple set-up decouples therapist time from desired rehabilitation time.

Immersive virtual reality provides a highly stimulating environment compared to the traditional rehabilitation treatments. Virtual environments can be tailored according to patient’s preferences and needs, motivating them to maximize their therapeutic exercise training regimen. Real-time multisensory feedback also enhances patient’s awareness of their performance.

Key features:

Aimed for upper limb motor training

  • Training games engage patient’s shoulder, elbow, forearm and wrist movement
  • Includes a database of carefully developed immersive virtual reality exercises based on recognized neurorehabilitation principles 
  • Clinical experience demonstrates increased patient engagement and longer training time; patients forget they are in the hospital
  • Easy analysis and monitoring of patient performance and evolution, ensuring continuity of care and compliance
  • Integrated therapy
    • Constraint-induced therapy
    • Mirror therapy
    • Action observation therapy
    • Motor imagery
  • Suitable for bed use allowing early intervention
  • Independent practice allows increased therapy dosage