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Schwarzer PSG and Sleep

Schwarzer PSG Sleep Scoring Apnea Narcolepsy Automatic Markers and Analysis

The Schwarzer PSG system can be used as a fixed unit or on a cart. It can also be used as a regular EEG system, increasing the capabilities and flexibility of your lab.

The new generation of Schwarzer PSG units with Coherence software from Deltamed provides the following advantages:

  • Recording of more than 60 channels.
  • Records full PSG and full EEG
  • Hardware and analysis are compatible with International AASM guidelines
  • Superior video standard  absolutely synchronous with the EEG data,  
  • Bedside PAIB (Power Adapter and Interface Box) interface includes 3 pressure /flow inputs, 1 light sensor, and 12 DC channels for external devices like CO2 monitors.
  • Highly accurate automatic PSG analysis and sleep staging
  • Programmable trend analysis windows (DSA, FFT...)
  • User customizable reports  
  • MSLT and MWT sleep onset tests  
  • PTT recording and analysis