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Schwarzer LTM

Schwarzer LTM Long Term Monitoring EEG Epilepsy

Schwarzer LTM  - the smallest LTM recorder in the world

The new generation of Schwarzer LTM units with Coherence software from Deltamed provides the following advantages:

  • Worlds smallest LTM amplifiers
  • EEG recording with 40, 64, 128, 192 or 256 channels
  • First class digital video 
  • World-famous Online and offline Spike & Seizure detection (Dr. Gotman algorithms, MNI)
  • Correlation of implanted electrodes and EEG activity on 3D MRI images thank GridView(TM) Software
  • Advanced analysis toolbox (quantitative EEG...)
  • Optional software controlled switchbox
  • Optional Cortical stimulator
  • Available with trolley or as fixed version
  • Unique overview of recorded data of several days/weeks from the Coherence “fileviewer”.
  • Trend window editor (DSA, FFT...)
  • Reporting in MS Word or Excel
  • Solutions for research: export to EDF/ASCII/binary, direct access through DLL, direct interface with 3rd part software for source and dipole analysis...