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Schwarzer EEG

EEG Systems from Schwarzer Deltamed

Schwarzer EEG featuring Coherence Software: Available as a laptop system, as a fixed system on a trolley and as a mobile unit with panel PC.

Schwarzer EEG, featuring Coherence software is a powerful and simple-to-use EEG system allowing EEG and Polygraphy recordings with 29 or 40 channels. It is available as fixed, trolley-based or mobile unit with panel PC. Some of its main features are:

  • Easy handling and flexible adaptation
  • Monopolar EEG and dedicated polygraphy channels for ECG, eye movements, EMG, pulse oxymetry, ...
  • High quality digital video
  • Photic stimulation up to 60Hz
  • Mobile unit with unique ergonomic cart allowing adjustment of the height of the monitor and keyboard shelves
  • Archiving to removable media or server
  • Operation either as stand-alone solution or integration into a network
  • Customized, informative reports in MS Word
  • Extensive analysis functions (e.g. Spike and Seizure, quantitative EEG analysis, Sleep recordings and analysis (optional))
  • ...